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Artisan French Bakery & Cafe

Baking organic French breads and pastries

in small batches in Crouch End

8am - 6pm everyday (5pm on Sundays)


"My passion for bread goes back to my childhood when my grandparents, breeders in the magnificent bay of Mont-Saint-Michel, passed on to me the taste of their land and the love of simple food, born of ancestral gestures respecting Mother Nature. With craft flowing in my veins, I always wanted to perpetuate bread's tradition and rediscover the authenticity of its taste.

Life drove me in the sports and consulting industries for a while, but I never let go of my core values. For this very reason, opening Boulangerie Pierre Alix is a child's dream coming true, and I am delighted to share my passion with our Crouch End community.."

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Come visit us

35 Topsfield Cl, Crouch End, London N8 8PT

8am - 6pm every day

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